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What A Night In Birdland As Cedric Mullins Got All Of Us Wet As He Hit For The Cycle In The Debut Of The "Bird Bath" That Soaks Orioles Fans

I was wet. So wet. Everyone in section 86 was wet. Cedric Mullins is the one who did it. INCREDIBLE night at Camden Yards as the Os keep on trucking and piling up wins. 25-13 on the year but this win may have been the best considering all the circumstances. Cedric with the 7th cycle in Orioles history was the cherry on top of everything. The brand new "Bird Bath" debuted last night with 160 of us packing section 86 next to the bullpen and mimicking the celebrations that the Orioles do after their base hits, but when there's an extra base hit....that is when it got wet. 

Game was a dud until the 5th when the Orioles got going with a Cedric Mullins triple and it was off from there. Adley double got us wet. Mounty RBI got us wet. Any big play got me soaked....and then Cedric with the cycle got me wet as well. Nothing like needing a home run going into the 9th for the cycle and then coming through. Wettest I was all night. 6-3 win in what was maybe the most fun game I've ever been to. The Cycle, the Bird Bath, everything about it was incredible.

They're the hottest team in baseball, and dare I say best? I truly believe that. Ballpark atmosphere was INCREDIBLE and the team was feeding off the engird from the Bird Bath as well as the rest of the crowd. What a night at Camden Yards, if this is how rowdy and fun the crowd is going to be in May I can't wait to see it in October. Orioles are hot, hot, hot, and we all got wet and cooled down in a fantastic win. 

Patrick Smith. Getty Images.

Safe to say baseball is officially BACK in Birdland.