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Myyyyyyyy goodness what a sequence. Austin Reaves is absolutely killing it tonight. After being pretty quiet throughout the series and shooting only 38.2% from the field, Reaves has 13 first-half points but NONE of them were more critical or more awesome than this halfcourt launch at the buzzer!

Talk about a momentum shift. The Lakers had been up by 17 at one point and kept letting Golden State back in. They badly needed something like this.

IF the Lakers go on to win Game 6 — will believe it when I see it, since it's the Warriors we're talking about — this three-play snapshot could very well decide the outcome. You go from thinking Klay Thompson might can a 3-pointer to cut LA's lead to four. Then it looks like an easy putback until Anthony Davis comes from the clouds to swat that weak shit outta there.

All that set the stage for the Reaves Heave. Now it's on the Purple and Gold to tighten up at the break, crash the defensive glass harder and, frankly, pray that LeBron and AD don't get too gassed down the stretch as the relentless Warriors make their potential last stand at defending their latest championship. 

LET AUSTIN REAVES COOOOOOOK. This crossover/and-one combo on Chef Curry HIMself. 

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