The Knicks Season Is Over Because, Well, No One Else Besides Jalen Brunson Decided To Show Up For Game 6

Why man? Why couldn't one single person besides Jalen Brunson show up tonight. Seriously, look at this disaster: 

You had good Randle and Barrett in the first quarter when everything was falling and Barrett got to the line. Hence a 14-point lead, which quickly disappeared. Why? Because what you don't see in that box score is Thibs fucking it up miserably. He took out Randle and Brunson in the 2nd quarter at the same time. That can't happen. That can't happen in December let alone in an elimination game. He seriously rolled out a lineup of McBride, Hart, Barrett, Toppin and Robinson. What the fuck is that? It's a way to not score, that's for sure. 

And yes we have to address the dagger play. Brunson fucked up. Plain and simple. He was a hero all season, but this was bad: 

Just make the easy pass to Hart and reset. He's wide open. I know he was shooting like shit all series. But you have to give what's in front of you. It's a simple pass. Also, Hart wasn't launching shots. He was in his head. Good chance Brunson can immediately get the ball back. But you gotta get a shot up. Thibs should have called timeout, advanced the ball, go 2-for-1. But Brunson, has to make the simple pass here. Again, Brunson was awesome. The only one who showed up, but that can't happen. 

Like I said though, Brunson did everything to save the Knicks


I know people will say this season was a success. I'm sure I'll say it tomorrow or something. But right now it sucks because you catch the break and get home court advantage in the second round. You blew a double digit lead in two games, both losses. There were dumb mistakes - like two lane violations on free throws. Seriously, since when did the NBA call lane violations? That's what fucking sucks. You can't automatically assume 'they'll be back next year.' Yes, I feel better that the Knicks will be back again because of Brunson, but there's no guarantee. 

We'll talk about the season another day. Right now it's about this game and this series. It's demoralizing because playoff basketball is a cruel bitch. Shout out Brunson. I know he made the major mistake, but he's the only reason the Knicks were in the game. He's reached star status and was the best player on the Knicks - no matter what the All-Star Game or All-NBA Teams say. Would be nice to have someone else show up, coach included.