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We Just Saw The Best Fight In Rough N Rowdy History Between "The Black Italian" and "The Hammer"

I saw a guy from West Virginia with the self-proclaimed nickname "The Academic Weapon", and one of Jersey Jerry's friends fight another one of Jersey Jerry's friends, (which got stopped because one of the fighters pulled a wrestling move against the other), and one told the other to "suck his dick with his gay ass" after the fight at Rough n Rowdy tonight. But even that didn't compare to the fight I just saw between "The Black Italian" (strong) against "The Hammer".


This fight saw this "The Hammer" guy catch more haymakers to the face than I did a few weeks ago in Providence. And withstand it! No problem. What a tough guy with a chin of steel.

Dave called it the best 1st round he's ever seen, and I couldn't agree more. 

The two battled it out for another two rounds, and it's a travesty we couldn't watch it go nine more. 

Attending a few of the Rough n Rowdy events in person were some of the funniest times I can remember having, and watching them at a bar like Roundhouse on a Friday night when it's packed. 

These fight cards are always entertaining. (When Nadu and Jerry aren't on it.)


p.s. - Large's sexy ass can even pull off a SoCo costume. Large. So hot right now. Large.