Guess That Ass: Rough N Rowdy Edition

Before we get into that ass, I want to remind everyone that the night is still young & it's not too late to head to BUYRNR.COM and join in. We've only had one pair of Corona Pajama Pants so far, but I expect more to come:

Following that fight two absolute units hopped in the ring and the ass in question is none other than that of (if you can read you already know) Papa Razzi. 


Papa Razzi was up against Murder Mitts, and I don't feel bad spoiling it for anyone that Murder Mitts won because.. obviously: 

Still, in my heart at least, Papa Razzi was the clear winner. Especially because Murder Mitts doesn't even have an ass. Don't know how that's anatomically possible butt.. 

Anyways, plenty more where this came from so tune in:

In closing, reminder that the ring girl contest is interactive tonight!! Each of them are wearing a number and you just text the code the pops up on your screen with your favorite. 

(As per usual Tiny Texie will have my vote.)