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IT IS OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY OVER: Dan Snyder Has Sold The Commanders To Josh Harris


And with his last trick, Dan Snyder tried to Friday newsdump it. But it's official. It's over. The witch is dead. The team is being sold to the Josh Harris group and there is no taking it back. No more what if's. No more wondering if it'll ever go through. It's actually 100% done and today very well could be the best day of my life. We get a new stadium now. We get to compete for Super Bowls now. And it cannot be understated how awesome it is that we will now get classic Magic tweets about the Commies now because he is part of the ownership group.



As I wrote a month ago, I'm so excited to go to games again. To buy merch again. To not be embarrassed when I say I'm a Washington fan and everyone asks me about the shit-head owner.


Josh Harris, I could kiss you on the mouth! Dan Snyder, see ya bitch!!!!!

A great day to be alive!!!!