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The Dream: John Daly Crashed Charles Barkley's First Tee Shot Right Before Chuck Proved His Golf Swing Actually Doesn't Suck

Talk about a duo. Imagine hitting the bar with John Daly and Charles Barkley? Not even that. Imagine playing 18 with these two. One, a two-time major winner and you know great golfer. The other, an all-time dude. Only way to describe Charles Barkley. Just everyone's answer to dream group, go out with, etc. I always laugh that there are young people who only know Barkley as the goofy guy on Inside the NBA and not a former MVP and one of the best NBA players we've seen. 

But this isn't about that. This is about the dream. It's more than Daly and Chuck. It's the fact Barkley has a swing that doesn't suck these days. It's the opposite of the Thunder head coach yesterday: 

If you golf, you know the nightmare. It's when you just completely duff a tee shot in front of other people. Group in front of you letting you play through? I'd say a smooth 90% chance you're hitting a dogshit drive. You could be playing lights out, but in that moment, you're going to suck. It's just a guarantee on the course. 

Now, credit to Chuck. He's been working on his game. Last year he showed us this: 

Slightly different than the one we know: 

It's weird seeing a fairly smooth swing from Chuck. That's not what we're used to blogging. But it's the dream. Any golfer who is a mid-handicap knows what I'm talking about. You go get some lessons, try to get that 18 down to a 15 or whatever. At first it sucks. You look clunky. You're spraying the ball. But then it all clicks. You have that round you always talk about. Maybe it's an 85 at the tough course. Whatever it might be, you can close your eyes and picture that round right now. 

Seeing your pals on the course and then roping one off the first tee. The dream.