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The Statue Of David's Penis Is Actually Not That Small

Franco Origlia. Getty Images.

It's about time somebody says it. Everyone always points out how small the penis of Michaelangelo's Statue of David is. They say things like, "Look how small David's penis is." and "Wow, that's a small penis." 

But I was looking at his penis this morning, and it's honestly not even that small. It's not a huge penis, but it's not like David is an embarrassment in the bedroom. I'm sure he's pleased many women back in his day. It's not like he has a micro penis. David's penis is definitely not a micro penis.

It's wildly unfair to throw around soft penis accusations about anyone unless you've seen his/her/their dick fully erect. You can't tell anything from a soft dick. Just because a man's penis looks small when his friend de-pantses him in a cold hockey locker room after practice, doesn't mean his penis wasn't bigger beforehand when he had to pee really bad.

A lot of people have dicks that are only 2-3 inches soft, but when filled with blood are a satisfying 5-6. The average erect penis is 5.1-5.5 inches in length. A penis like David's is at minimum 5 inches, so to call it small is factually incorrect. 

Any penis more than a few inches when soft is a nuisance. It's a common misconception that women even want a big penis. Most women don't. They would much prefer one that look like David's. 

Michael Gottschalk. Getty Images.