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Devin Booker Pulled A Dillon Brooks And Dodged The Media After The Suns Embarrassing Season Ending Loss

AAron Ontiveroz. Getty Images.

When the Suns made the trade for Kevin Durant, the overall consensus was that the West now ran through the desert. Their starting five sure had a shit ton of talent, but the depth certainly did not look like it would be enough. As we got into the playoffs, there were warning signs that maybe this combination of players wasn't going to be enough. You could make the case that if the Clippers were healthy, the Suns lose in the first round.

In a huge series against the actual #1 seed in the West, things were never really close. It took two out of body experience games from Devin Booker for the Suns to win a game in this series, while all their losses were pretty much blowouts. Top to bottom, the Nuggets proved the be the better team. All that talk about putting Nikola Jokic in P&R and how that would do the Nuggets in never really happened. 

What did happen was this

Look I get that they didn't have CP3 and Ayton was out with a rib injury. Fine. But that doesn't excuse the first half that KD had or the fact that Devin Booker once again laid a massive egg in an elimination game on his own floor

After Durant's rough night, he did what most expect from the stars of a team. He met with the media and faced the music

But what about Devin Booker? Surely he was going to do the same and face the media after his no show right?



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What in the Dillon Brooks is this? Look, if we're going to give Dillon Brooks shit for talking the talk, not walking the walk and then immediately avoiding the media, the same has to be true with Devin Booker. He talks his shit, he was horrendous with the season on the line, so step up and answer questions about it. Don't be a baby and run from the arena. Your team was talked about as a title favorite and you didn't reach the WCF in part because one of the main guys no showed. Again. 

Remember, the basketball world basically made it seem like Dillon Brooks shouldn't even be in the NBA anymore for how he acted, and here Devin Booker is doing the same exact shit. Obviously, the talent difference between the two is massive, but to me, that's what makes it even more embarrassing for Booker. You bet your ass if he played great and the Suns won this game he would be speaking to the media, so just because it went the other way you dodge it? Come on. That's weak as hell.

I'm pretty sure he was quick to talk to the media when he was dropping 40+ while never missing a shot, so to not step up and face the music just because things didn't go your way…man that's tough.

Moving forward, the Suns certainly have a lot to figure out. What are they going to do about CP3? Buy him out maybe? What about Deandre Ayton? He's not exactly the easiest player to trade, but it's pretty clear his time in PHX is probably coming to an end. How do they improve their bench given the assets they gave up to bring in KD? For a team that many thought would win the title at the trade deadline, their future certainly looks as shaky as ever.

Just don't ask Devin Booker to talk about it. He's clearly not interested.