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There's Nothing More On-Brand Than Dwight Howard Trying To Make Fun Of Chris Paul With A Fake Quote About Playing In Taiwan

I know Dwight Howard will say he's 'joking' but come on. He's trying to make fun of Chris Paul and the Suns for losing. So what does he do? Takes a fake quote that was floating around and runs with it. It doesn't even make sense! Chris Paul still has a spot in the league and can be fine. Not worth the money which is why this is out there:

But he can be fine and in the right role, even with all the injuries and age. I'll be honest, I'm also a Chris Paul fan. Always have been. Part of it is because he's just fucking awesome running the point spot and my old man went to Wake so I had a soft spot for some of those teams. But I want Chris Paul to win a ring. We survived long enough to win the old Chris Paul or Deron Williams argument. The man needs a ring. I know everyone hates him, which makes me like him even more. Julius Hodge, he can hate him. I understand that one. 

I actually find myself very fair in this situation, because I go to bat for Dwight Howard the player all the time. Everyone knows he's a clown, but people really downplay how fucking good he was. Yes, he's a Hall of Famer. I'd say anyone who has 5 1st team All-NBA, 3x DPOY tends to make it. But come on. You can't be trolling an injured Chris Paul with a fake quote.