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Perfect Summer TV: The 'Righteous Gemstones' Season 3 Trailer Dropped And Not Shockingly It Looks Outrageously Funny Yet Again

Fuck yes. Righteous Gemstones is still just one of the best shows on television. It's so dumb, so perfect and every episode just hits. I can't think of one of the episodes (granted, not that long of a show) where I felt pissed off having to watch it. There hasn't been a huge writing dip like we've seen in Ted Lasso or anything like that. 

Now Edi Patterson is a star. I want to make sure that's said because she's fucking hilarious. But I lose it during every interaction between Adam DeVine and Danny McBride. They are comedic geniuses and the chemistry between the two is unreal.

That's before you mention all the other characters - John Goodman's, Baby Billy, BJ, etc. It's the perfect Sunday summer show too. I keep bringing it up, but I want all the shows to be on in the summer, spread out. It's simple, there are no sports on besides baseball. Give me It's Always Sunny on Thursday: 


Righteous Gemstones on Sunday. Give me the Real World All-Stars (the best version of the show currently) on Wednesday. Summer is about 1) golfing, 2) going to the pool, lake, ocean, your choice of body of water and 3) watching 'couple shows' so you can plant your fat ass on the couch for 14 hours on Saturday and Sunday during football season. Give us all the shows in the Summer to help us out. People helping people. 

I'm not exactly breaking news here with Righteous Gemstones being hilarious. But it's the perfect comedy for everyone. You have the dumb comedy - my favorite type. I'm a simple man. I enjoy dumb jokes. There's the darkness and action so it rolls all into one. That's why this is the perfect summer TV show. It's obviously best to watch live but if you wait a day it's fine. 

PS: This is Cincinnati specific. But for anyone that is from Cincinnati, that church right on 75 in Monroe is 100% what I think of with this show. You know the place where touchdown Jesus burned in a lightning strike and now has another massive one on the highway.