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The YouTuber Who Intentionally Crashed His Plane After Parachuting Out Of It Is Facing 20 YEARS In Prison


A YouTube daredevil who deliberately crashed his plane to boost his viewing figures could be jailed for 20 years after he admitted to obstructing a federal investigation by destroying the wreckage.

Trevor Jacob, 29, a former Olympic snowboarder, posted a 13-minute-long video in which he appears to experience engine trouble while flying over southern California in November 2021.

The dramatic footage, viewed nearly three million times, shows Jacob ejecting from the single-engine plane - selfie stick in hand - and parachuting into the dense vegetation of the Los Padres National Forest.

Fast forward to 1:55 for the jump and 3:30 for the crash

A few months back, we did a snake draft where we drafted "laws we'd make if we were president". Here were the fake laws we drafted: 

As all of you Mensa geniuses can tell, I drafted a law that would require gov't IDs to use social media. Want to be a complete fuckface online? Put your face behind your words. I fucking hate social media because it went from being fun and a nice way to yuck it up with friends and strangers to almost a complete and total divisive poison that I rarely have fun using anymore. 

Really hoping I'm not the only one who thinks that, but MY Mensa level brain tells me I'm not.

Anywho - there were obviously some gross omissions, and after watching this asshole jump out of and crash his plane on purpose, a law I wish I drafted was, "If you do something that can endanger yourself or others solely for the purpose of garnishing a bunch of likes and RTs on social media, you go to jail for life". 

And that's exactly what this asshole did. He flew a plane, acted like it malfunctioned, grabbed his selfie stick, and landed safely while he filmed the crash and watched his video garnish about a gazillion views over the last handful of years.  

Giphy Images.

What a fucking asshole. Now, the only thing I know about aviation is how to sit in my row 34, seat D seat for a few hours. That's it. I could be incorrect, but I'm assuming this is the first time this asshole has ever jumped out of a plane in which he was the only occupant. How in the FUCK does this dickhead know where that plane is gonna land? There were plenty of shots in the video with houses underneath him. 

He's lucky he didn't basically pull the same move Jane's dad from Breaking Bad did: 

20 years? Make it life, but NOT for "intent to obstruct a federal investigation, but for being a little attention whore. I'm only 99% kidding. The 1% of me that hates performative assholes like this says lock him up and throw away the key. This madness that is doing ANYTHING, for social media pandering love must be stopped. Just stick to giving honest takes, even if hot. Ya know, like saying Denzel Washington is the exact same guy in every movie.

Because he is.