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The Hurricanes Eliminated The Devils From The Playoffs And Then Trolled The Everliving Shit Out Of Them On Their Way Out

Absolute CLINIC of a troll job. Let’s first layout the context. The Carolina Hurricanes won last night 3-2 to close out the series 4-1 and are headed to the conference finals. 

Mr.Ice had the over which was a tough loss for the many who road him.

It also meant Frank The Tank lost another opportunity for a championship … Anudder loser as they say. 

The Canes knew with a 3-1 lead they were in control of the series and it was a matter of when they won the series instead of if they won the series. So they went into their bag of tricks and decided to troll. 

They hired a variety of NJ celebs from Sopranos actors to Housewives to people on Cake Boss to do Cameos and unsuspectingly congratulate the Hurricanes on a win. 

There’s a few levels to this that make it funny to me. 1- they knew to pick celebrities who have ZERO idea about hockey. I mean ZERO. Situation was the best to me, guy couldn’t tell a fastball from a punt with his life on the line. Furio ?  No chance. The bakery guy ? He’s lucky he gets out of the kitchen enough to lay in his own bed, let alone watch a hockey game. And 2- Frank the Tank is going to absolutely LOSE it when he sees this. He will never watch another thing these people are in. I almost wish they went full troll and had SVP, Kevin Harlan , or Buster Olney in the video . 

Very funny harmless fun, and a good job and a rare funny post by a teams social media department. Most times it’s cringey as hell, this one was really good. Well done.