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Gracie Hunt: Chiefs Heiress. Miss Kansas Winner. NFL Schedule Release Enthusiast.

Listen, it's Friday. Just go with it. Plus NFL + Gracie Hunt + schedule is a cheat code. People will click anything that has NFL in the title with an attractive person standing there. It's just science. Speaking of which, I say this as a colorblind person, is Gracie Hunt colorblind? She's wearing the colors of the Dolphins here! That's who the Chiefs are playing in this little teaser. I get she's being friendly but I wouldn't want to see that from my owner's family. Oh no, Chiefs red and yellow only. 

Going back to the colorblind thing, do you know how brutal it was to grow up a lefty colorblind person in the 90s? Art class was BULLSHIT with no lefty scissors, having no idea if I grabbed a purple or blue crayon from the 100 Crayola box that had names like Macaroni and Cheese and all that shit. And don't even get me started on trapper keepers. I loved those bad boys but as a lefty your hand would get destroyed in those things. 

Sorry for that rant. Just a random stream of thoughts there. NFL schedule release, right. I still can't get over how stupid the whole thing is. You know who your team is playing the moment the season ends. There might be one question mark with the new extra game? But you know you're playing one other division in your conference, one division outside your conference and then the same finishing position across the other divisions. We used to get just a newspaper delivery that had the schedule in there all of a sudden. Remember those days? Now we have like 3 days of release dates, video, teasers and a whole thing. It still blows my mind, but I'm a moron so I just watch them all and follow along. 

Anyways, you clicked on this blog for Gracie Hunt, not random thoughts.