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The Titans Schedule Release Video Was Random People In Nashville Trying To Guess Who Tennessee Was Playing Based On The Logo And The Results Were Hilarious

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Now THAT is how you release an NFL schedule. Not once during that video did I think about the Titans being a franchise that is stuck squarely in Hell when it comes to entertainment value. They have a veteran quarterback that is probably done with Tennessee after the season with a backup rookie QB that plummeted in the draft after releasing videos of him drinking coffee with mayo in it. An aging freakshow running back who at SOME POINT will should no longer be able to run over and past every defense. And a receiving corps that only Titans fans and the most diehard of fantasy football players could name. I'm sure Mike Vrabel will milk a bunch of wins out of the roster that it has no business winning. But that doesn't get retweets and likes on Twitter.

You know what does? Laughing and pointing at the idiots that don't know basic things about sports on their way to the next country music watering hole, even if us football fans are lowkey the crazy people for knowing every little thing about a bunch of strangers playing a kids game. That's how you get the Chargers becoming Lightning McQueen, the Colts becoming the Cowboys,  the Steelers becoming the 69ers, and the Falcons becoming the Red Stallions on their social media and all. 

I also think that I would love any video that plays any of the NFL on Fox theme song right now since it pumps in 1000 mg of dopamine directly into my brain.

A+ work from the Titans social media team. Best of luck making the posts as fun once the football season actually starts.