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WATCH: The Chargers Made ANOTHER Hysterical Schedule Release Video

Because there are so many easter eggs, I'm just gonna break this down bit by bit. 

Right off the bat I appreciate the social team being deprecating. Before the Jaguars game, they released this stupid video showing all the "receipts" of sports world talking heads doubting the chargers. Such a horrid idea and it backfired in the most Chargers way possible. 


A nice Hunter x Hunter reference with McDaniel rockin that dumbass slogan and ripping vapes. Easy start. 


Not much here but a nice little nod having the banana/mayo combo for their new QB Will Levis. 



This one was a little more basic but I love them showing all the actually good QBs that they pursued and struck out on. Also The Family Trust Respect in the corner aka FTR aka Fuck The Raiders.


This one is fantastic. ICYMI, the Cowboys social media team, as you can guess, threw Dak right under the bus with one of the most wildly passive aggressive post-game tweets I've ever seen. Also Stephen A yucking it up in the back is great. 

Week 7 - CHIEFS

The first of a couple shots taken at that felon bozo Chiefsaholic. 

Week 8 - BEARS 

This one has A couple nice nuggets. Rebuild-a-bear, the reference to Mitch kissin' titties, the little nod to "brick by brick" on the desk. I can't tell who the bear peeking in from the left is but maybe a bear fan can spot more here.

EDIT: That bear is spice adams. H/t Marco for the spot 

Week 9 - JETS 

#1. R. TheDarnold is a nice reference to one of the more psychotic reddits out there, r/thedarnold. 
#2. A nice reference to the big boy legend Rex and his post-film/game snacks. 
#3. Manish Mehta getting a shout is incredible. One of the worst NY media heads and the Ice Cream is a reference to him having stalked Joe Douglass's kid and sent him a report on what ice cream his kid was eating at a baseball game…
#4. Pizza rat is whatever but i like the Succession ATM shout.
#5. That Sam Darnold mono graphic the jets put out was so incredible. 
#6. This bizarre tiktok hopefully got someone in deep shit at their social team. 
#7. More of a straightforward Sack Exchange one but still good. 
#8. CPOY Geno Smith, just to remind them of what they lost. 
#9. Self Explanatory 
#10. A nice shout to the soon to depart BYU boy. 


I'm a sucker for Chainsaw Man and i like the subtle jabs in this. 


#1. Just one of the many quotes about how XYZ year would be the season that Rodgers became the team leader. 
#2. All the things on the list are funny but "Another McAfee Intv" really got me. 
#3. The wish list that Rodgers claimed was fake and crucified a reporter over (that was also absolutely true) 
#4. A nice little flow chart of the GB -> NYJ/MIN pipeline. 

Also, the zoom out to show him in the hyperbolic time chamber, a place in dragon ball z where time moves incredibly slow, is great as well. 


A nice, subtle nod to Lamar Jackson shitting his pants and Lamars fake agent Ken Francis on the contract. Love it. 


Nothing crazy here which is good considering how historically the patriots have owned the Chargers. I do like the poopy pants Paul Pierce, though. 

Week 14 - BRONCOS 

A nice reference to the WOATED cook Russell Wilson and the fact that he got CLOWNED by Patrick Star during the Nickmas game. 


This one is great for a few reasons. Ripping the overpay for Jimmy G and the "not redeemable for wedding invites" at the bottom (Apparently, McDaniels dumped Darren Waller because he didn't get an invite to his wedding). But, this is my favorite part:


No bills fan needs an explanation for this…


Rippin' Wilson's weird office thing is funny, but I love the little magazine in the corner that reads Modern Bathrooms Monthly. If you remember, a big point during last season was the fact that Russell Wilson had more bathrooms in his house than touchdowns during the season. 


And a nice closing shot on bozo Chiefsaholic with Pat McAfee in the chopper trying to chase him down.