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Sylvester Stallone’s Daughters: 'Guys Bring Resumes & Scripts on First Dates'

Watch the interview here:

Sistine & Sophia Stallone stopped by the studio to discuss all things about their new reality show 'The Family Stallone'.


People say dating in New York sucks. Adding Sylvester Stallone being your dad into the mix puts you in a completely new category of complicated.

"If they bring up our dad or any of his movies within the first date, it's kind of weird. Like what if I brought up your dad? 'Oh, so he's really good at accounting? I love his work!'" Sophia said.

Sistine added, "They date us for the wrong reasons. There are tells. I've had a guy bring his resume on a first date. I've had a guy bring a script. I was like, 'Do you want to date me or Sly? Like where are we going?'"

For the full breakdown listen to the latest Chicks in the Office here: