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The Giants Leaked Schedule Has Them Playing 7 Of Their First 10 Games On The Road, Which Is Obviously A First In NFL History

I'm not sure if Roger Goodell thinks Barstool is a New York company now since HQ resides here and Portnoy lives in Miami or what. But it appears that Goodell and the NFL are trying to sabotage the Giants before Memorial Day Weekend based on their leaked schedule (which I am choosing to believe is true before the schedule release show tonight, which is still incredible to type out all these years later).

But you know what the sick thing is? I fucking love it. Last year's Giants won a road game in London. Last year's Giants road game in the playoffs. Hell, most of the best memories I have of the Giants from the last 15 years is when they were wearing white jerseys away from The Meadowlands. No reason for that to stop now. Plus does this look like a guy that gets scared by seven asperands in 10 weeks?

I don't know what the NFL script writers have in store for the league this season. But I can already tell that the Giants narrative is going to be Daniel Jones leading the Road Warriors to a fast start in another playoff run.

Oops, didn't mean to share that from my personal collection. 

We'll see if any of these leaks are bullshit since a lot of them seem to be cobbled from other leaks and we all remember what happened last year right before the schedule release.

That was so awesome. Anyway, we'll see what the all the schedules look like tonight after 8 as well as all the social media teams putting their best memes forward.