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JaMychal Green Calls Cap On LeBron Saying None Of His Teams Have Ever Worked On Flopping

Just thinking about Green getting a cap emoji and being like this guy flops all the time is so funny. There's gotta be no better feeling than flopping and getting the call your way. Everyone does it at some point whether they want to admit it or not. On the flip side there is also no worse feeling than flopping and then looking like Dillon Brooks when the ref calls a block. 

I love the NBA though because they just all fight on social media and do petty shit. It makes a series like this one even better. I think the NBA players are the most sensitive athletes out of every sport and all think they play the game right even though they are all lying to themselves. 

None of them go out and say listen boys we are going to flop today it ends up just happening. LeBron for sure has flopped and we have all seen it, but in reality flopping is just part of the game now. If you aren't trying it I just think that you are not trying to get a turnover for your team. 

Moral of the story is that everyone flops so just admit it.