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A Guy Built A 3000 Pound Time Capsule To Preserve Hot Cheetos So Future Generations Could Enjoy Them. Here's My List Of Snacks And Drinks That Deserve The Time For A Project Like That

Absolute dedication here. DED-I-CATION. Building anything as big as 3000 lbs is an impressive feat. But to devote your time and effort and resources to building a capsule to preserve a snack is ultra impressive. This guys bleeds dedication. I also sneaky love that the purpose of this was to hope that future generations would have the opportunity to taste Hot Cheetos should they be discontinued and the only record of them was the movie Clem blogged about yesterday.

Anyway this guy got me thinking. Manual labor is difficult. But if I were to dedicate my time and effort to preserve a snack or a drink, which ones would they be? We all know those snacks that just hit different. It's basically a list of things that are so good that you feel your gift to society in the future is allowing them to taste them. 

Here's my snacks and drinks I consider worth the time. 

  • Arizona Iced Tea 99 cent can 

This may be hard given it's a liquid, but it's the top of my list. Even more so because of it's price. I can see it being 2078 and people are amazed that an oced tea so delicious was under a buck and remained that way for so long. Iconic.

  • Birthday Cake Oreos 

ELITE snack. I would dig a hole so people could taste these fantastic cookies. 

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 

Reese's Take 5 Bar 

Without a doubt it's a must mention on nearly everyone's list. Reese's peanut butter cups and Take 5's might be the two candy bars I take in a draft, and I think most people would agree. If I really wanted in a sitting I could put away an entire snack size bag of Reese's or the individually wrapped cups with the gold wrapper … I would DEMOLISH a bag of those things. I actually feel sad that people in this hypothetical scenario who haven't had Reese's or Take 5 .. poor bastards. 

Citrus Cooler Gatorade 


GOAT GATORADE FLAVOR! If you haven't tried it … go do it.