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Rock n Roll: A Scottish Band Kicked Off Their Comeback Tour By Getting Into A Brawl With Each Other On Stage During The First Show

[Source] - The View fought onstage at their Manchester comeback show last night.

The band got back together last year, after a brief hiatus. A UK tour was intended to run this Spring, opening at Manchester’s Deaf Institute on May 10th. The show did not go to plan, however, with Kyle Falconer punching bassist Kieren Webster, who was celebrating his birthday at the gig.

Kyle Falconer attempted to play ‘Face For The Radio’ – a fan favourite from their first album – before telling the crowd: “The problem with this band is he wants to sing the songs and he canny, right, so I’ll see you later

What a ridiculous amount of moving parts here. That's just life with The View, I supposed. It starts with the hiatus, a staple of any band. I don't know if you can truly be considered a band until there's a hiatus of some sort. But then it's the man's birthday. The man getting punched and kicked. Happy birthday! Gotta assume he thought his birthday would be spent differently. Getting back together with the boys is an elite feeling - band, friends, whatever. The moment you catch back up with some old friends and don't miss a beat. 

Until you get punched. No one wants to get punched by a pal on their birthday. Not because the reason is 'he wants to be the one who sings the songs.' I don't know, that feels like every person in the band. You always want to be the frontman. You want to be able to get a couple words out and then slap the bass. No need to get kicked or punched because of it. No need to get called out. 

This is how you set the tone for the comeback tour though. You get into a brawl, cancel the next show and have everyone waiting to see what happens. 

I love that statement. You *have* to postpone tonight's show. You have the promoter working on all the details. You know that promoter has been through some shit if this is night 1. What's a couple pals throwing down and destroying each other on the mic? They need to play again fast. That'll be their biggest show yet. You don't know what you're getting and people will show up to see if there's a fight or just music.