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On Christmas Eve Aaron Rodgers Will Officially Pass The Baton To Sam Howell


Future look at Christmas Eve in NY:


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The time is near, my friends. As Aaron Rodgers grasps onto his last legs of NFL relevancy, a new king is ready to lead the quarterback kingdom. His name? Sam Howell.


Michael Owens. Getty Images.


Aaron Rodgers is too busy snorting frog semen and trying to host game shows to focus on playing QB. Meanwhile Sam Howell is in the lab preparing to take the NFL by storm. Ready to show the world why Steven Cheah had him going first overall in his mock draft. 

And I predict it all comes to fruition on Christmas Eve at MetLife. The entire country in their festive pajamas, sipping hot cocoa and egg nog, watching Sam Howell drop dimes in the Terry McLaurin bucket time after time after time. Even Santa will have to make a pitstop to enjoy the show. 

And then I imagine after the game is over (37-10 Commanders win) Aaron will jog over to midfield and try to get a jersey swap with Howell, but Sammy won't be interested. No disrespect to Rodgers, but nobody wants his Jets jersey, the same way nobody wants a…well a Brett Favre Jets jersey…or a McNabb Washington jersey, if we're being fair.

So while some are trying to say this game is a big ol' chunk of coal, I'm thinking quite the opposite. This will be the greatest present we can get. The Sam Howell era will officially begin and Rodgers will be begging for the Jeopardy job once again.