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Bam Adebayo Is A Dirty Dirty Player And The Video Supports It

What a dirty dirty dirty player. Absolutely disgusting behavior here from the Heat. Purposely trying to injure players ? Knowing you are the lower seed, knowing you need a miracle to stay in this series and go out of your way to start taking cheap shots ? What a dirtbag. Typical orders from Pat Riley like when he made his guys start that fight in the 97 Eastern Conference Semifinals Game 5, down 3-1 and completely flipped the series. 

It's one thing to play hard, it's another to play dirty and Bam Adebayo is a dirty dirty player. Absolutely disgusting. What's he going to do for Game 6 , light someone on fire ? Go Tonya Harding and take a crowbar to someone's knees ? This is ludicrous. 

Have the Knicks ever been a team to hard foul guys and have a mantra of "no layups" ? Tried to hurt guys etc ? 

Not sure, in the meantime enjoy this unrelated video highlight package I found online. 

Let's Go Knicks