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WATCH: Klemmer Transforming From A 6'2 Ghoul To A Miniature Gargoyle Is Incredible

On today's episode of the Bracket, we had Klemmer, Feits and Glenny on to debate everyday activities/hobbies we could go pro in if they were sports. Instead of keeping it broad, we used our panel as specific examples and thank god we did. The episode became a Klemmer masterclass of talent. Without exaggeration, he may be the most talented person in the office. So much so that that every one of his submissions made it out of the first round. Him getting compact, though, is really incredible. He went from this tall, albeit 2 dimensional man, to a small cube that was MAYBE 1 square foot. It's one of the most impressive things I've ever seen in my life. 

You can watch the full thing there