Jimbo Fisher Took A Shot At TCU Getting Destroyed By The SEC, Despite The Fact He Can't Really Compete In The SEC Either

The three months between spring practice and fall camp may seem like the worst time on the college football calendar, but they actually provide some pretty good content when coaches show up to booster club events like this and try to rile up the crowd.

Jimbo Fisher visited some Texas A&M fans in Fort Worth last night and made a pretty pointed comment about the local school there getting its ass kicked by Georgia in the national title game. And none of this blog is meant to defend TCU, because the Horned Frogs were absolutely a fraudulent team all season that finally had to play an actually elite opponent and got thoroughly embarrassed.

But who the hell does Fisher think he is talking down to another team for being unable to compete against SEC teams? We're talking about a guy who has two winning SEC records in his five seasons at A&M, one of which was a pedestrian 5-3 and another that was during a fake season in games played in front of 15,000 people. And oh by the way, he's getting paid more than $9 million a year to put up losing conference records more often than not.

I guess this comment is supposed to be a commentary on the difficulty of going through a season playing teams like Alabama and Georgia on a weekly basis as opposed to rolling through the Big 12, but the time to make it is after you've beaten a handful of those teams yourself.

If Kirby Smart wants to show up at a booster event and talk his shit about whooping TCU's ass, he has certainly earned the right to do so. Fisher, however, should probably keep his mouth shut about teams that have made a College Football Playoff appearance when he's coming off a 5-7 season that included a loss to Appalachian State.