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High School Catcher Accused of "Intentionally" Throwing Softballs At Batter's Face

NY Post - The Texas University Interscholastic League is investigating an incident that occurred at a high school playoff softball game over the weekend, when a catcher was seen hitting batters in the head with a throw twice in videos that went viral on social media.

During the McCamey’s Area Championship series against Cisco High School, spectators expressed concern after the McCamey catcher appeared to aim throws in close proximity at Cisco batters, hitting them in the head on two separate occasions.

As a journalist regurgitating information I found on another website, it's my responsibility to not jump to any conclusions. I'm not just going to take the information I receive from the New York Post and accept it as fact without pouring over all the details. This catcher is being accused of intentionally firing full-speed softballs at the faces of her opponents from roughly 5-7 feet away. That's quite the accusation to make. Sports are dangerous. Sometimes things happen, and it's not necessarily anybody's fault. Sometimes the cookies crumble that way. It's rarely a player's intention to injure his or her opponents. 

Mhmm.. that's interesting. At first glance, it does appear that this catcher was throwing the softball as hard as she could in the direction of the batter's teeth. But maybe she was trying to pick off the runner at 3rd base? Then mid-throw realized her 3rd baseman wasn't paying attention. She tried to pull back, but her small hands weren't big enough to grip the ball, and it simply slipped out. Regardless, she didn't hit anyone on the throw, so no harm no foul. 

Well, then… this second video is fairly damning. Now it's possible the catcher was throwing the ball to an infielder who was lined up in foul territory. Normally that's not legal, but I don't know how things work in the Texas University Interscholastic League. Or maybe the ball was scuffed, the catcher was throwing it out of play for a new one, and the batter's face just so happened to be in the way. But I will admit that to the naked eye, it appears this catcher has zero regard for human life, and aimed to break the bones of the batter's unprotected face.

But even if we think this catcher is intentionally committing assault, is she technically breaking any rules? (most likely). Where in the rule book does it say where you are and aren't allowed to throw the softball? (probably somewhere). But if not.. could this be an effective strategy for a defense? It appears that stealing isn't allowed in the Texas University Interscholastic League. If there are no consequences for errant throws after a pitch, then why not use that time to establish dominance. Why not strike fear in the heart of your opponent? Let's see how focused the batter is at the plate when she's worried about eating a softball immediately following the pitch. 

Honestly though, how does nobody react to this? The rest of the girls, along with the coaches and umpires couldn't care less. The umpire lazily calls timeout. The batter's own first base coach doesn't bat an eye. The runners calmly retreat to their bases and await the next pitch.

This isn't even the first time the catcher has done this. This girls is a serial ball-into-face thrower.

Separately, the “Coleman Today” reported two instances in which the McCamey catcher allegedly hit the same batter twice in the head in their bi-district playoff game against Coleman.

Are they all just used to this by now? Is that just how they play softball down in Texas?

"Alright girls, we have a big game against McCarney today. Keep in mind, their catcher will be throwing balls at your head from point blank after every pitch. Lets make sure we're ready for that."

Get your catcher under control coach. Or don't, I don't care. It appears that there aren't any consequences in this league, so if they're going to keep letting it slide then you might as well keep doing it.