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These AI Generated Recordings Of Kevin Conroy's Batman Are Blowing My Mind

RIP to Kevin Conroy. That's a voice that should've never been silenced. The term GOAT gets thrown around too liberally nowadays, but when it comes to voicing Batman, Kevin Conroy was the GOAT. His work on "Batman: The Animated Series," as well as countless other DC projects (including the Arkham Games), remains one of the great interpretations of The Dark Knight. He paved the way for so many future versions of the character. It sucks we'll never hear him voice the character in person again. Thankfully, AI has us covered.

That is UNCANNY. It literally sounds like the audio was lifted right from the animated series. Ya know, outside of the porn addiction still. There was never an episode about that. I'm not a big technofear guy, but this AI shit is getting out of hand. I wish I were smart enough to understand how that stuff works. It scares me to think about what's going to come next. I feel like that Spike Jonze movie "Her" will look like a documentary pretty soon, but I digress. Getting motivational life advice from a friend is almost always good, but when the person giving you that advice is the goddamn Batman? I don't know about you, but I was sure as hell more inclined to listen (and maybe run through a wall or two). While listening to the recording about anxiety, I was briefly convinced that I had been cured of my affliction. That's the power of the caped crusader. He redefines what it means to be "down bad." Also, I didn't have Batman telling people they needed to overcome their crippling porn addiction on my 2023 bingo card, but here we are.

I genuinely wonder what the next step is for the artificial intelligence stuff. We've already gotten a few banger songs, but we brought Batman back from the dead. What's next? Full-length feature films? Entire restaurants run by artificial intelligence? The possibilities are endless. I mean, is it inevitable that, at some point, artificial intelligence will probably take over the world and kill us all? Probably. Will that happen in my lifetime? There's a chance. But even if we all end up getting taken off the planet because of nuclear annihilation, I'll at least die grateful knowing I got to hear Kevin Conroy voice Batman one last time.

NOTE- All of these videos came from a YouTube channel called CloneTalk. You can check out their channel here.