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Aaron Rodgers Opening up With The Jets on 9/11

Look, as Deshone Kizer once told us nothing gets Aaron Rodgers going like 9/11. 

We have two opposing storylines colliding in this week one opener. We got the Bills, who 2 years straight have had exits from the playoffs with Josh Allen coming off being Singy for the Summer, vs the Revamped Jets with Aaron Rodgers looking to punch the Bills in the mouth again. The Jets stole a win off the Bills with Zach Wilson at the helm; if we can't beat them with Rodgers, it will be a major blow and disappointment to the anticipation of all the fans over the summer. I am so excited to be blogging about football again. The NBA is so meh, and I am trying to get into hockey, but I never played, so it's just not the same as football. We don't know how single Josh Allen will play this year. He's either going to be too horny to play patient or chasing too much tail and not getting enough sleep. People don't factor these things in when discussing matchups. This is why you read my blogs because the mainstream media doesn't take into account stuff like Aaron Rodgers asking about Building 7 post-game on 9/11 that will only get publicity if he wins the game. Look, the Jets will be bringing their best, and so will the Bills. Its a game I would most certainly want to attend.  

I also just want to talk about this freak Kuntz the Jets drafted. 

(typing into the Twitter search "Freak Kuntz" looking for this was interesting)

I just find it hilarious how everyone keeps referring to him like Circus freak 

He's 6'8 and has put some mass on his frame since college, he's run a 4.5 and has a 40-inch verticle at 250lbs. 

Look at this guy at the podium he looks like he's standing on someone's shoulders underneath his hoodie. 

In my delusional mind, I am already imagining him playing the Gronk role in the Jet's multiple Super Bowl run. How the hell can you guard a fade ball to ta guy whos 6'8 with a 40-inch verticle, that's literally Lebron's stats. 

Really dope to be a Jets fan right now. Hopefully, this lasts into the season.