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Genie Exum WON'T STOP Stripping Down For This Podcast Host

Time flies when you're having fun! We're now one year into Only Stans so to commemorate that wonderful occasion we brought back our first ever guest, Genie Exum. She's surely a one of a kind type of gal that, if we're being honest, set the tone for the show with this clip that remains one of the most viewed piece of content we've had after a full year!

This episode we discussed why she had me blocked (sad), the allure of ladies over men, and much more before in true Genie Exum fashion she tries to coerce me to make Only Fans content with her once again. We may or may not have settled on some sort of kiss which is very fair. ANYWAYS thank you to anyone that has watched or listened in the last year! Means the world to me so I really appreciate it. 

We've also now began our own YOUTUBE PAGE for the account. We're gonna continue posting our weekly episodes over there along with a bunch of out of office content with the Queens as well. First part of that will be doing some day drinking with Angela White (ever heard of him?) which should be out sometimes next week so be on the lookout for that and please SUBSCRIBE if you don't mind. It's literally one click of the button!!