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Oh Hell Yes - The Lions/Chiefs Are Playing In The Opening Game Of The NFL Season, Biggest Moment Detroit Has Had In Decades

Oh hell yes. I'm in. I know the Lions have expectations for the first time since, I don't know, the mid 90s? That feels about right. Maybe the early 2010s. But the Lions are fun as shit. They do things that don't make sense, like drafting a running back early in the first round or throwing to an offensive lineman to seal a game: 

This is exactly what I want NFL opening night to be. Fun as shit with the potential of incredibly hilarious stupid decisions. The Lions check all the boxes here. The Chiefs are the Chiefs. We know everything about them. No point in talking about Mahomes and Kelce. This is strictly about the Lions.

Why? Because everyone is screaming about how they skipped a step or two and the NFL is elevating them to opening night. I say they deserve it after Dan Campbell openly talked shit about ruining the Packers season: 

Plus people love to overreact to every single NFL game. I'm ready to see all the freakout whether the Lions win or if the Chiefs kick their ass. It means nothing, but I'm ready to see LIONS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL or SEE I TOLD YOU. THE LIONS ARE FRAUDS. There will be nothing in the middle and that's really what makes football the best. 

But like I said, this is the perfect opening night game. You don't want to burn one of those talked about rematches on night 1. Everyone in the world is going to watch night 1, there's nothing else on. Save the other games we all know about for later in the season. Give us the fun, stupid game night 1. 

What a win for the Lions already. Watch out for those kneecaps.