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LeBron Tries To Fire Back At Steve Kerr, Claims He's Never Played On A Team That Flops ... Let's Hit The Tapes To Expose The Lie

Ahh, there it is. You know I was wondering when LeBron would say something outrageous during this playoff run. It had been a little too long since he went ahead and straight up lied. But we're back to the greatest hit. LeBron doesn't flop. He's never even played on a team that flops! Just before we get into it, I want to roll some highlights: 

Phew, glad there's no flopping. Now this is what LeBron is lying about: 

Yeah I actually agree with Kerr. I'm all for penalizing flopping and getting as much of it out of the game as possible. I'd love to see Kyle Lowry try to play with those November college basketball flop foul calls. Wait, I got distracted to bitch about that. This is about Austin Reaves and the Lakers getting calls in game 4. He clearly struck a cord with the Lakers: 


Hilarious how much they defend they don't flop. We all have eyes. If LeBron or the Lakers joked around about how he flopped 5-6 times a game, I'd actually respect him. Just take advantage of rules like wide receivers do every single incomplete pass. But instead he makes up this lie about how in 20 years he's never been on a team that flops. Hate to expose it again.