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Frank The Tank Gets Extra Security Tonight While I Host The RNR21 Weigh-Ins Hopefully No One Spits On Each Other... Or?

I'll be hosting the RNR21 weigh-ins tonight at 7 PM (streaming on all Barstool Sports platforms) and if past experience is any indication, it's going to be an absolute shitshow. But in the best way possible. Controlled chaos, sort of. If you need a refresher on what they're like you can watch the last episode of Ref N' Robbie posting today at 2 pm where we rank the top 5 weigh in moments. 

To sum up that list, I'm just glad Frank is okay. 

Honored to have The Tank by my side once again for RNR21, raw dogs and all. You can watch the stream live from 7:00-7:30 and we'll have an edited montage coming out after that too. We're gonna start with the main event face-offs and work down from there pretty much in the order of posters below.

As for the ref side of things, I'm still deciding the fights I want to put on the bowtie for on Friday. Not to be biased but there isn't a weak matchup on the card. Should be a night to remember. Mostly because I'm involved. The other percentage goes to Shizzat.