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Shea Theodore Speared Klim Kostin's Dick, And Evan Bouchard Made Vegas Pay Nine Seconds Later With An Absolute MISSILE

This has been such a fun, vicious, entertaining series so far between the Golden Knights and Oilers. It's one thing to throw your gloves down and sock some dudes when everyone's doing it. What Vegas defenseman Shea Theodore did here to Edmonton forward Klim Kostin crossed a line, though.

I get that it's the Stanley Cup playoffs and emotions and tensions are at a fever pitch. You just destroyed the Oilers in Game 3 and are trying to step on their throats to take a 3-1 lead back to Sin City. But come on, Shea Theodore. Be better than this! 

Sure, Kostin got a little chippy there, but Theodore's gotta keep his composure in this situation, especially considering how fucking elite Edmonton's power play is. You can't gift them a man advantage opportunity on a petty squabble behind the play, much less one where you not once, but twice deliberately strike at a man's genitalia.

Cut to literally nine seconds later. Connor McDavid draws the Knights' defense attention...and Evan Bouchard UNLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASHES:

Near-instant comeuppance for Shea Theodore. The Oilers have tacked on another goal since, and Stuart Skinner made a brilliant save right on the doorstep to help Edmonton to a 3-0 lead. Rogers Center is going bonkers. We're two-plus non-choking periods away from the Oilers tying this series up at two apiece. Let's hope it happens. You could watch these teams face off for, like, 11 games and not get bored. Almost a shame they're meeting this early on in the postseason.

PS, thanks to that McDavid dime, we're now one point away from the most electrifying player in the sport making even more history.

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