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You Are Lying If You Haven't Had A Moment Like Ben Affleck Here With J.Lo

There used to be a feature in one of those magazines like US Weekly or In Touch or People that I publicly never admitted to reading but would buy girls I was dating or hope my sister or aunts left them around the house or at the beach so I could do the crossword puzzle in the back. It was the only one I had a chance at completing. Anyone in one of these magazines it had a feature called "Celebrities they are just like us" and in it they had pictures of celebs walking their dogs, getting coffee, doing laundry etc. It was a big fugazy attempt at trying to make it like they were normal people and didn't have multiple bank accounts with more figures than a phone number. 

I immediately thought of that when I saw this video. "Celebrities .., they are just like us." And when I say just like us I mean they have a look on their face like it's been the longest day ever, and they probably already had four fights , and they just want to get home put on sweatpants have a High Noon (or Big Deal Brew, or Coors Light, Or Pirate Water, or Pink Whitney and Iced Tea ,New Amsterdam cocktail) and watch the game in peace. You know that's Ben here. He was in an absolute war, and is just looking to make it back home alive. 

Now credit the man, he opens and holds the door, but that shut is the temperament of a man who has been beaten down. He probably got dragged shopping, had a fight about how long it took, or a variety of other things, or he's like me and just hates leaving the house sometimes if he doesn't have to. Walk around and see people you don't have to ? No thanks. That shut of the door tells it all, the arm flick is so passive aggressive you just know it''s a man dying on the inside with no fight left.

Then the fact he finds out he's being filmed. That look of like "dude you fucking kidding me?" The "what else can go wrong today?" look on his face says it all folks. Everyone has had a day like that. Now if this was a guy filming him and this got out ... total violation of guy code. Scumbag move. Respect the game dude. You wouldn't want us filming you walking out of Bed Bath and Beyond after a 3 hour stint hoping you can get home for the 2nd half of Baylor Iowa State football, only to be told you still have to go to Home Goods and Trader Joe's, would you? Didn't think so.

As a wise man once said, "Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you." Ben got eaten that day. Wash it off ands hope for a better one tomorrow. 

PS- No matter how bad the day is, always hold the door. #SomeonesDaughter