The Next Great Dwarf Boxing Contender Will Emerge THIS FRIDAY NIGHT At Rough N' Rowdy 21

#1 CONTENDER MATCH INCOMING… It's been a few shows since we've been able to find a worthy opponent for our BMFD champion DYNAMITE Jeremy Smith AKA the world's strongest dwarf. He's made absolute minced meat out of everyone we've put in front of him but this Friday night we have some legit candidates to throw into the mix. 

HEARTBREAKER Dylan Tovey may not have the height or weight advantage but he does win the athleticism + pedigree advantage being a 3rd generation pro wrestler and already being (1-0) at Rough N' Rowdy. He handled SMIDGE THE DOORMAN with ease back at RNR17 and if not for a wrist injury from wrestling, likely would have already faced the champ. And if he gets through RNR21 with a victory he WILL face him in August. 

But you can't count out BABY CJ, who does have some Toughman Tournament fighting experience and has been training for months to get in the RNR ring and put on a show. He's been extremely confident on social media and doesn't seem to have any fear heading into this match, so really anything could happen. Either fighter would certainly have a tough test against the pure strength of DYNAMITE but their pure speed could make a pretty big difference too. 

Or not…

There's also some #1 contender intrigue in our female dwarf matchup featuring Dylan Tovey's sister BEAUTIFUL Bobbie Jo, who's (2-0) and looking to become the 1st female dwarf champion in RNR history. It won't happen this Friday against LIL DYNAMITE but there will absolutely be a title belt on the line in August if she goes (3-0). Very well could be a rematch with the things we've heard about LIL D…


But if spectacular athleticism & pure heart isn't your cup of tea for combat, don't worry we have 20 other fights this Friday night that cover every base possible. 

Title fights including LOSER RETIRES between SHIZZAT DA RIZZAT vs THE NINJA, Women's Lightweight title between VICIOUS VICKY D vs THE BOXING BARBIE, 350 lb monsters, wannabe reality stars, local West Virginia rednecks, a guy that came in last in his fantasy football league and has to fight as a punishment, a cop, a firefighter, a father & son signed up (not to fight each other sadly), it's gonna be a hell of a time. 


Watch on for those fights + ring girl contest starting at 8 pm ET… 

48 hour replay with all orders.