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Toronto FC Fans Handled A Loss To Its Rival Calmly ... Just Kidding, They Launched A Megaphone At Their Own Player And Brawled In The Stands

So yesterday we had the quarterfinals of the Canadian Championship - a heated and well-known soccer tournament of course. Some say it's the most treasured trophy in the entire sport. At least that's what I've come to believe after seeing these videos. 

First, we have Montreal and Toronto fans brawling in the stands: 

You know shit is serious when someone is taking a belt off to use it as a weapon. You start to risk your ass hanging out and you mean business. That's one of the signs you gotta look for in terms of people not to fuck with. You know what it's like to get into a scrap with a man and his ass hanging out? No, you shouldn't. At least people with a brain wouldn't know that. Apparently this is Toronto fans beating up on Montreal fans. Tough to tell with all those seats filled and a massive crowd on hand. 

I still need to know what makes you get into a brawl at a sporting event. Don't get me wrong, I live and die with my teams, but I'm not going to fight someone over them. Verbal arguments? Well, that's basically this job. But actually throwing fists over a team - especially at the MLS level? What are we doing here? But somehow that brawl is even less confusing than this: 

This is your own player! Do the sensible thing and just complain on social media about them. Launching a megaphone at them? That's an insane move. I don't know how else to describe it. I also don't think the player should be held back or penalized in this case. Let them go into the stands and fight if they want. Should be allowed if you're getting a megaphone thrown at you by your own fanbase. It's the rule we always talk about. You get 1 time to fight a fan, this would be a time to use it. 

Here's a little more to the story: 

[Source] - Commenting Twitter followers put into context that the Canadian international was one of only a few players that came over to the south end to clap in front of the supporters’ section — which happens whether the team wins or loses — while the rest of the squad left the pitch in frustration, heading straight down the players’ tunnel

So the dude was coming to show support to the supporters - a tradition within the sport? I don't get it. I get being pissed off. Just boo them. Say they were shit. The megaphone seems a little over the top. What happened to Canadian nice? You telling me that's a lie?