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As If Things Weren't Bad Enough, Now We Have To Deal With God Awful Colin Cowherd Celtics Trade Ideas

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

Things are a bit tense at the moment. I suppose that's what happens when you choke Game 4 of a playoff series to blow a potential 3-1 series lead, and then you follow that up with a completely gutless performance in Game 5 in your own building to then put your season at the line. Things are not going to be all rainbows and butterflies when that happens. 

As you can imagine, part of this period between Game 5 & 6 is going to be filled with emotional takes. This guy sucks, that guy sucks, trade this player or that player, fire the coach etc. It's all just a normal reaction to what we're watching. With so much at stake, it's pretty understandable that Celts fans are all over the place. That's the ups and downs of playoff basketball.

At the same time, one of the more annoying parts of basically any Celtics downturn is the inevitable "break up the Jays" trade bullshit. Honestly, in regards to roster shake up as a whole, I'm not sure we're going to see anything major no matter how this season ends, whether that's a title or a 2nd round exit. Let's say the Celts lose this series, I'm not sure you break up a roster because Malcolm Brogdon passed the ball to Tyrese Maxey with 30 seconds left or Jaylen Brown helped off a strong side shooter or Jayson Tatum waited too long to initiate a play. The best players are making major mental errors at the worst time. That is not a talent issue.

I say all that because of what came across my desk this morning via Colin Cowherd. Now I know part of this is just what he does, but my God. I almost thought I was getting trolled

Let me get this straight. The key to the Celtics potentially getting over the title hump is trading two of their best players for two players who are not as good? Is this all because he's in business with Draymond and wants the Warriors to retool or something, because I legitimately cannot understand on what planet does he think this makes any goddamn sense for the Celts.

Even his reasoning is bizarre. The Celtics have enough defense? Is he currently watching what is happening? They are in this position against the Sixers IN LARGE PART because they are not playing defense. So to Colin, swapping out someone like Malcolm Brogdon for Jordan Poole makes sense because why? A worse offensive AND defensive player makes the Celtics better? Not to mention he's in the running for arguably the worst contract in the NBA not given to Ben Simmons

Add in Wiggins' $100M contract, and how is this a move that Brad Stevens should make? For starters, the best overall player in this trade is younger, and had a great shot at being an All NBA player this year/supermax eligible. If you're going to tie your books up in expensive deals, doesn't it make more sense to do that with the better player? Not only that, but Brogdon is off the books after the 2024-25 season. The Celts would still owe Jordan Poole $65M guaranteed!

The easiest way to avoid all this bullshit is simple. Win. Stuff like this only pops up when you underachieve. We've lived through it before, and it will continue to happen as long as the Celtics refuse to play up to their potential.

But yeah, this trade is gonna be a big time no from me and should be for anyone else with eyes and a working brain.