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I Understand That Eddie Speaks For Everyone This Week When He Said I Am "Very Hateable"

Hey Everyone...I know. I know. I have been insufferable this week. I can't help it. There is nothing I enjoy more than spite, revenge, and talking shit. I am a generally enjoyable person and I try to be kind. However, when I am in a competition (or now as a fan since I am old as balls) I am a complete dickhead. I knew it was coming as soon as those lottery balls hit. The key is self-awareness

When the Blackhawks were great I was a lowly, unpaid, part-time internet blogger. I was cocky as fuck, but only those people who were around back as one of my original like 7000 followers or whatever it was knew it. People like Jordie

I haven't been genuinely excited or had any joy with the Blackhawks the entire time I've been full-time with Barstool. It's been nothing but disappointment, losses, bad management, scandal, and sadness. My true personality has been buried underground like a cicada, and this is the summer where I get to come out again and be buzzing around constantly making noise. I think I should be allowed to enjoy it. 

I don't think the Blackhawks will have any real on-ice success to speak of for a couple of years so I will largely be in hibernation again soon, but I am going to enjoy the summer and I am going to have a blast watching the Blackhawks again. If that is wrong, I don't want to be right. 

We only did a few minutes of Bedard talk on The Mid Show yesterday because anymore and I might've had a stroke

Now, I don't ACTUALLY think he will get 100 points as a rookie, but I also don't think it's impossible. Crosby did it his rookie year. So did Ovi. More recently, Barzal had 85 points as a smaller player in his rookie year. Kane had 72. Matthews had 69. He's probably in that 70 to 85 range if I had to guess. That is incredible. I will be excited, but I will do my best to not plan parade routes in everyone's face. 

Mid Show complete with a Karaoke challenge with Pat Bev is now live.