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Kevin De Bruyne Got Revenge On Thibaut Courtois For Having An Affair With His Girlfriend By Scoring A Sick Champions League Goal Against Him

This goal was awesome. It was also one of the most important goals Manchester City has scored this season, as it got City a draw in the first leg of its Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid.

But once you learn about the history between Kevin De Bruyne and Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, it becomes 1,000 times better.

That's right, Courtois — a teammate of De Bruyne on the Belgian national team and previously at Chelsea — straight-up stole KDB's girl when she visited Spain alone and he was playing for Atlético Madrid. De Bruyne's ex insists the affair happened only after he cheated on her, but she admits Courtois gave her more in one night than Kevin did in years.

Source — "Kevin thought that this trip was a good idea. I asked him beforehand. But then something happened that should never have happened.

I accept that but Kevin and I had not been getting long, and I found comfort in the arms of Thibaut. That evening, Thibaut offered me what I had not received a three-year relationship with Kevin.

With Thibaut, I could talk about anything and everything and he had even prepared me a delicious meal. Kevin never did it for me.

Kevin had deceived me and I thought: why shouldn’t I do that too?"


So, in the years since, De Bruyne has been on a personal mission to destroy Courtois every chance he gets. This wasn't the first big goal KDB has scored against him, either. He's made a routine of exacting revenge.

I will be placing a responsible wager on KDB anytime goalscorer when these two meet again next week in Manchester. Imagine the scenes if he scores the winner to advance to the Champions League final against the guy who took his girl. Chills.