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You'll Never Guess What This Guy Pulled Over While Wearing A Bud Light Can Costume Was Arrested For

Listen, I am as big of a due process guy as you're going to find. The court of public opinion rushes to judgment far too often in this country and condemns what sometimes end up being completely innocent people. You should always wait for all the facts of a case to come out.

With that said, however, this guy is wearing a Bud Light can.

In my non-expert legal opinion, I'd imagine a guilty plea and a deal with the prosecutor are probably in Mr. Light's best interest here. I'd guess it's not the easiest argument to make at trial that you were driving completely sober while inside the Bud Light costume, but again, that's why we allow a jury of one's own peers.

I hope this guy gets this case all straightened out and the truth comes to (Bud) light.