Bob Huggins Is Reportedly Suspended But Not Fired Because 'WVU Leadership Raised Concerns On Over Penalizing The Team For The Coach's Actions'

Alright there seems to be the fallout from Bob Huggins using a homophobic slur on radio in Cincinnati earlier this week: 

It's being reported that Huggins will be suspended for the first 3 games, docked $1 million in salary and have to go to sensitivity training as part of the punishment. There's also a report that he will have his contract amended but that likely won't come out as official until later today. 

The main takeaway here though is that quote that WVU leadership raised concerns about over penalizing the team because of Huggins. Basically WVU saying hey we have expectations to be good this year, so we'll just go ahead and make sure Huggins is there for that. They are far from the first team and won't be the last to have a statement similar to that. 

I will have to say I laughed at the bullshit excuse that Huggins said he didn't know he was on air. How do you not know that? Huggins spent more than enough time in Cincinnati to know how radio works. He's friends with the guys on air, you thought it was just a catch up call where both happened to be on the same phone? You don't need to make that excuse in a scenario like this. 

But this seems to be the punishment, which I think most people assumed it would be. I am curious to see the amended contract which reportedly could have a change in length.