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In One Of The Most Awkward Pre-Fight Press Conferences Ever, Nate Diaz Admitted To Breaking The Drug Rules, Talked Shit To One Of Jake Paul's Employees, Said He Would Win The 8 Round Fight In 10 Rounds, And Left Mid Presser

At one point in my career I called blow-by-blow on regional MMA and boxing broadcasts for the better part of a decade so I have seen some weird shit. When you get two construction workers face to face with a couple hundred bucks on the line and the most spotlight they have ever had in their lives, people tend to act strange.

I once saw a guy so jacked up during the staredown he puked and in turn his opponent started gagging and puking back on him. People pay good money to see that type of kink on the internet I'm told. Speaking of that you should be ordering Rough N Rowdy this Friday. You never know who might puke on who.

Anyway, Jake Paul and Nate Diaz are set to box in early August and yesterday was the pre fight press conference. And brother, when I tell you it was amongst the weirdest I have ever seen I ain't lyin'

First of all Nate Diaz was totally mild mannered and wanted nothing to do with Jake Paul's taunts and antagonizations. It felt like a little brother trying to get attention from his older brother who is too god damn high to give a shit. And both of those things are kind of true. 

Check out the staredown where Jake did everything in his power to goad a reaction out of Nate. And I think it's safe to say it didn't work.

I don't care how many accounts tried to spin this as intense, it was weird at best. Complete dud from what Jake was obviously hoping for.

Then you had Nate predicting he would win the fight in 10 rounds. Pretty awesome except the fact the fight is only 8 rounds long. Then Jake proceeds to mock him with a stuffed monkey playing the symbols?

Oh my. I can feel the cringe in my toes. Nothing worse than thinking you have a joke that is going to land and it's just silence. Jake really thought that monkey bit was going to kill and instead he got crickets. 

That is every stand-up comedians worst nightmare. Not so much for guys like Jake who have made a living saying those jokes on Youtube then letting the algorithm and shit posting 12-year olds do the rest of the work to make them rich. (If it sounds like I am resentful and jealous it's because I am)


I do know there was at least one guy in the crowd laughing, however. This guy Derek who is apparently one of Jake's lackeys employees. This dork called out Nate and his brother and then damn near needed a new pair of underwear immediately after.

I gave you a couple angles there so you could see just how fucking annoyed Nate Diaz was. That Derek dude better have some wheels on him cuz the Diaz brothers don't fuck around. Just ask that random dude on Bourbon Street last month that Nate nearly killed in front of hundreds of witnesses. 

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the reason Nate didn't react to any of the insane antics the Paul camp was trying to pull off was the fact he was high as a god damn kite. But don't take my word for it. Let Nate himself tell you…right before he is informed that the Texas boxing commission won't let him fight with weed in his system.


Giphy Images.

Let's be real, we all knew there would be some kind of drug in Nate's system. If it's just weed that actually feels like a win for the fight itself. 

But if all that wasn't weird enough, at one point Nate said he had to use the bathroom and just left. Him, his camp, they all just walked off the stage. Even Jake didn't have a snarky reaction and all he could do was hit himself with a facepalm. 

This is the price of doing business with Nate Diaz. And this is the price of doing business with Jake Paul. There is certainly a chance this could be a good fight but that is if Nate isn't in jail for assault, and is allowed to fight with weed in his system, or doesn't just back out because the whole production is so damn cringey. 


But I can tell you what won't be cringey: The ring girl contest at Rough N Rowdy 21. That shit slaps every time.