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Erling Haaland's Dad Was Reportedly Booted From His Seat Yesterday For Taunting Real Madrid Fans, Accused Of Throwing Food At Them

[Source] - And Spanish journalist Inaki Angulo claims Haaland’s dad was shown the door for allegedly “throwing food and insulting Real fans” during the match.

He tweeted: “They pass me this about Haaland’s father expelled from a box at the Bernabeu after having been insulted and throwing food at the people of Madrid.”

But Haaland Sr insists this was not the case, claiming Real fans became irate after his goal celebrations.

Security then arrived to escort Haaland’s father out of the box, with surrounding Real supporters chanting “adios” from their seats.

Screens behind Alf-Inge showed the game was still being played when he was booted out.

Now before I get into it, here's the denial from Alfie: 

Okay so it's all out there, which is why we use words like allegedly and reportedly. I'm not going to do what you probably think here. I won't say Alfie stinks for throwing peanuts. Oh no. I'm going the other way. I'm speaking as a dad here of two sons - son of a boy dad some might say. I love this move from Alfie. There's no one better in the entire world at scoring goals (pretty important thing to do in this sport) than your kid. Sure he didn't score yesterday and both goals were sick, especially Vini's, but Erling Haaland is fucking good. 

Back to Alfie though, throwing food as an adult is a fucking hilarious move. It's so childish but rewarding. You ever happen to playfully launch some food over the age of like 14? It brings you back. So I love that Alfie (who played for Man City too) was willing to mix it up with Real Madrid fans. I am ready to be obnoxious as a father if one of my sons happen to make it big time. I'd shit talk all the other fans. That's part of sports! 

Again, Alfie denies it but basically everyone else has said it happened. Great move by going with the cupped ear for the ejection: 

And yes, go ahead and make the joke that all of this was for a tie in the first leg.