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Instead Of Staying In The Super Haunted Pfister Hotel With His Teammates In Milwaukee, Mookie Betts Rented An Airbnb To Avoid Ghosts

Mookie Betts does NOT fuck with ghosts and I don't blame him. Everyone in baseball knows about the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. It's very haunted. Has to be the scariest hotel in the country. Countless baseball players tell their stories about the creepy stuff that goes on in there. Fuckers jumping out of the wall and everything. It's a whole thing. 

So instead of taking his chances with ghouls and goblins scurrying around his hotel he took his services to a local airbnb. Mookie told Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register that he wasn't going to stay at the hotel "just in case", and again, I don't blame him. You don't need casper and the boys messing with you. Every single time you hear a sound or noice you're going to wonder what that was. He said he stayed there before and was freaked out by the noises, so good for him for ditching it. Get a goodnight sleep while Clayton Kershaw and the boys aren't sleeping a wink. 

Bryce Harper told a story a few years ago about laying out his clothes for the next day when he went to sleep and when he woke up all his clothes were thrown about the room and he said he thought someone had been in there. That story is enough to have me never ever set foot in that haunted place. I also wonder if the hotel is like the YAK Wheel. If you tease it and avoid it, do the ghosts come for you? I guess not because he hit a homer last night. I like to imagine Mookie going back to his airbnb and hanging in the pool or hot tub while Evan Phillips and Max Muncy are hiding in the corner of their hotel room trying to get the ghosts away from them. Hell of a call by Mookie, can't be messing with ghosts.