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The NFL Released The International Games Of The 2023 Schedule And....They Don't Suck!

Blogger’s Note: Jeeeeeesus, Schefty  It’s the 2024 International Schedule. Worldwide Leader my ass, right Ian?

I know that a lot of people like to shit on the NFL schedule release because it's crazy that an entire show to announce which teams are playing where and when seems a little excessive. But considering there is wall-to-wall media coverage of Roger Goodell and a bunch of other people saying names for three days during the NFL Draft, I think we can all accept the ridiculousness that comes with being an NFL fan, which will not only have me excited for the schedule announcement on Thursday night but also has me feeling like Lou Brown during the international schedule release.

Alright, that's a little extreme. But I do love the international games because games starting at 9:30 AM ET is the perfect appetizer for the All You Can Eat Football Buffet we get during the season. Sure the lighting seems off and the NFL somehow STILL hasn't figured out that turf for 100-something pound soccer players doesn't hold up well for 250+ superfreak football (the real version) players. But being able to cheer on a fantasy player and responsibly bet on a game on the Barstool Sportsbook that you watch during breakfast on the East Coast is a fair trade off for all that and a hell of a lot better than the 3 hours of anxiety you have in the morning trying to figure out all your bets, roster moves, menu for the day, etc.

Plus you can't beat the wacko English blokes who dress up like proper hooligans for the games.

Lovely, innit?

As for the actual games, I feel like they are...good? They are certainly not bad, even though they could all look like garbage water by Week 1 when the tidal wave of injuries hits every NFL team. But I don't think the blokes across the pond can complain with the Jaguars now that Trevor Lawrence is in his second season not being coached by an absolute shithead. All the Falcons do is draft exciting offensive players in the Top 10 these days, which makes them at least look fun on paper/your fantasy team, while the Bills would have to go Full Bills to not be good this season a year after being the Super Bowl favorite.

The Germany games may not have the same luster as the London games. But Lamar Jackson with actual receivers could be electric while you know Mike Vrabel will have the Titans in a bunch of games their roster has no business being in. Dolphins vs. Chiefs can hit triple digits if Tua is still standing upright by Week 9. And Colts vs. Patriots could be fun if their quarterbacks play well or if HC of NEP does a bunch of shit to troll his second least favorite franchise behind the Jets because of the ideal gas law.

Now lets sit back and enjoy the leaks of the Precum Stage of the NFL Schedule.