Pro Poker Player Shaun Deeb Can Win ONE MILLION DOLLARS If He Gets Down To 17% Body-Fat From 45% In One Year


Shaun Deeb is one of the best poker players in the world. He has 5 WSOP bracelets, unlimited online accolades, and is well known as one of the best all around grinders to ever play the game. What he's never been though, is a health guru. In fact, as he explained to us on the podcast, he always figured he'd eat whatever he wanted, do whatever he wanted beside exercise, and live happily until an early death (his words, not mine).

This all changed when billionaire Bill Perkins offered Shaun a life-changing weight loss bet: Shaun lays $100k to get down to 17% bodyfat in a little over a year to win 1 million dollars. YES, $1 MILLION! 

His starting weight was 305 pounds, and somewhere around 45% bodyfat. Just a few weeks into the challenge he has shed 25 lbs and hasn't looked back. Hasn't cheated on the workouts or the meals, just is fully committed to this new lifestyle. Yes, being already rich is helping- he's able to afford a great trainer, nutritionist, massage therapist, and anything else he needs. He is sparing no expense to win this bet. 

But at the same time, this bet has given him perspective- he realized he wants to be able to race his kids around the house, play soccer with them outside, and not die at 45 years old. Shaun has made a YouTube page to document his journey- getting down to 17% is no joke. And he'll be playing the full WSOP this Summer as well! 

He told us all about his journey so far on the new episode of the podcast, available on iTunes and Spotify:




Zen Deeb was a wonderful change of pace, was really great to hear a new side of him and it'll be enthralling to watch his progress over the next year. Hey- when a billionaire offers you $1 million to change your life for the better, you gotta do it, right?

And speaking of WSOP, I have about 14% of my Summer action still available. It's a 17 event schedule including the Main at no mark-up. The piece includes maximum bullets, so there will be refunds for unused bullets, as well as missed events due to day 2/3/final tables/bracelet wins. My action is available here!




Gl to Shaun and gl to me, I'll be out there at the WSOP all of June, let's go deep in a few things!