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That's One Way to Defend Home Court

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

I wanted to be wrong. I wanted my first blog in 2 years to be laughed at, be told I’m a dumb piece of shit for not Loving and Trusting, be banned from the parade, and skewered as a pariah in the Celtics circles. And shit, I guess technically I still can be. The Celtics could rally back and win Games 6 and 7 just like the did last year vs. Milwaukee, roll Miami in the ECF, and be holding the LOB trophy the second week of June.

But what gives you any hope at this point that it is going to happen? Well, besides blind belief in Love and Trust.

This teams fatal flaws showed itself again, this time in the biggest game of the season. (Unfortunately for us, the REAL biggest one, not a February road game to stop a two-game skid.) They showed no heart. No effort. No tenacity. They basically took a dump at center court, right on Lucky’s chest - let's hope Kyrie doesn't get any ideas.

Go read my last blog. Sadly, every nitpick I mentioned showed itself.

Tatum doesn’t show up for big games? Not fully true, the stats are solid, he fixed himself after another awful start, he seemed to give a shit I guess. But his brutal start helped dig us the hole we could never climb out of. Also, too many predictable sidestep threes that weren’t falling and too many complaints to the refs for misses at the rim. And Deuce was probably up way too late watching this disaster. HALF-CREDIT

Brown can’t dribble and can’t hit FTs? BIG CHECK.

Smart is a wanna-be alpha who factors in too much to wins or losses and his defense has fallen off a cliff? CHECK.

Al has no impact offensive if the threes don’t fall? How’s 0/7 (0/7) sound? BIG CHECK.

Rob sucked and played with the intensity of a Sunday morning LA Fitness run. Malcolm sucked. White sucked. Grant sucked. 

The defense was the worst, given the magnitude of the game since, well, Game 1. Never mind.

Mazzulla was overmatched by Doc Rivers. Glenn Anton ‘Doc’ Rivers. Again. In 2023. Yikes.

If this season ends how it seems like it might, there needs to be drastic changes to the core of this team. That's not overreaction, that's a fact. We can't tweak around the edges and hope for better results. Things need to change. Maybe it starts with some introspection and a new attitude at 7:30 Thursday night. And maybe I hit Power Ball. Anything can happen.

There was not a single redeemable moment from that game that justifies love for this team, or belief things will get better tomorrow. Well, there is ONE THING we can hope for…

I GENUINELY hope this all gets thrown back in my face in a month. See you Thursday.

Love and Trust Fuck This.