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A Woman Survived Five Days In The Australian Wilderness On Lollipops And A Bottle Of Wine, Which Is Really All You Need Anyway

A woman has been rescued in Australia after surviving for five days on wine and lollipops, according to police.

On Friday, Victoria police posted aerial footage on Twitter of the area where Lillian, 48, was found after her car was spotted in "dense bushland." Police say she had taken a wrong turn and wound up stuck with no cell service to call for help.

"Yesterday afternoon, Air Wing were conducting a sweep of the hilly terrain when they spotted Lillian's car at the end of a dirt road in the Mitta Mitta bushland," police said.

"Lillian was found a good 60 kilometers away from the nearest town, and due to health issues, she was unable to try and walk for help, so stayed with her car," Wodonga Police Station Sergeant Martin Torpey said in an official statement.

"The only liquid Lillian, who doesn't drink, had with her was a bottle of wine she had bought as a gift for her mother so that got her through," Torpey added of her impromptu survival kit.

As the woman "was only planning a short-day trip so had only taken a couple of snacks and lollies with her but no water," Torpey noted. Additionally, Lillian was able to use her car's heater overnight to "give her some warmth."

I mean...I don't want to take away from what this woman did, but isn't this just basically Burning Man? Or Coachella? Or day to day life in New York City?

I oftentimes think about what would happen if I were truly stranded. It seems so far from reality in a world so connected, I almost don't know how it happens to people still. Why are we even driving in places that are so far off the beaten path that people need to resort to sugar and alcohol to keep them alive for 5 days? 

Another lesson here - how do people not know where they are going, so much so, that in a place where a wrong turn could literally mean death, they don't have a plan? It's a huge pet peeve of mine when people don't know where they are going. It's fine to use GPS, but look at the route before you go. Don't blindly follow along. That's how you end up driving straight into a river, or 60 kilometers off the road and into fucking bushland.

I guess the lesson here is always bring a water bottle with you in the car, and know where the fuck you are going.