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A+ Move For 'Research': JJ Watt Did A Pub Crawl With Burnley Fans To Earn Their Trust After Becoming An Investor In The Club

This right here is what you call a genius move. Last week it was announced that JJ Watt and his wife became investors in Burnley FC: 


You know the best way to earn trust and learn about people? Go drinking with them. It's like the old sales being done on the golf course thing. You sit there and share a beer at a bar and start talking, you're going to learn. If it's a good time you start thinking about that. Hey remember the night out with JJ at xyz bar? Yeah, we should do that again.

Now, sure, JJ Watt is a famous person who isn't going to be popping in for pub crawls all the time, even as a retired player. But it's a good start, even if the man can't pour a pint. 

Get White Sox Dave out there to teach him a thing or two: 

But this is about getting in with the fans. You're just a minority investor, which means you aren't catching heat if Burnley fails in the Premier League next season. You're the good guy with money. So, yeah, embrace it. Go drinking. Celebrate the promotion and extension for Vincent Kompany. All good things. You want to make a good impression you start doing shit like this. Steal some of the verbiage of the fans, buy them drinks and drink what they drink. It's how you win over a fanbase before they start to worry about wins and losses (and ties). 

Not to mention it's just a great excuse to go day drinking. Sorry hun, I got the work thing. Yeah, gotta go to the pub, my hands are tied here. Why don't we get a babysitter and you join too? Then you get to slam beers and not worry about anything. Win-win.