Morgan Wallen Says He Was Advised By Doctors To Not Talk For The Next 6 Weeks Because His Vocal Cords Are Damaged And Has Canceled His Live Shows During That Timeframe

Morgan Wallen was in the news lately because he he cancelled his show last minute in Ole Miss because he had a voice problem and people freaked the fuck out. 

Rumors started to spread that Morgan was drunk and complained about what an asshole he is. Turns out that he actually has a serious problem with his voice box, which absolutely sucks. I get why people were mad they paid to go to his show and the way he announced he was cancelling probably wasn't the best. But with this news, I think it justifies his actions. 

I couldn't even imagine not talking for 6 months. I think I would have to say fuck my career. Obviously as the #1 country star, it is important to keep your voice and he is taking the precautions for it. You can tell the guy is fucking sad and clearly not faking it. 

If he was faking it at this point, he would get an Oscar for this performance. He even tried to do 3 shows after 10 days but re-injured it. In the video he also said he tore his lat and I would love to know how the fuck he did that. Do singers play through injuries like that? I guess you don't think of them like athletes because when athletes get hurt playing a sport, we understand it. But when singers do we don't. 

Regardless, it sucks for Morgan. Hopefully he is back on tour soon and crushes at the shows he had to postpone.